Rotondo e Rotondo

Made in Italy

Enzo Rotondo

Who I am

I am ER, a man like many others, always supported by a creative spirit which enables me to look at reality through the glasses of fantasy. Glasses that I wear every day while I work as a business agent in the field of interior furnishings.
From naval and civil architecture studies to small and big made in Italy firms, my job, demanding but rewarding, allows me every day to get in touch with the protagonists of my works: people.

People with their distinguishing traits, passions, different personality, original histories are my source of inspiration in expressing my biggest love: painting.
My passion hasn’t grown attending an art academy but very soon it gave me great satisfaction, thanks to the novelty of my pictures…maybe I should call them “rounds”. I proposed a new conception of picture and I succeeded in involving hundreds of people who gave me their signature and commissioned me a picture inspired by them.

People stimulate my curiosity and this allows me to reproduce them in my works, each one with the proper colours, relevant objects and subjects, or I reproduce events which indelibly marked their lives. It’s more than a portrait of the character, I am interested in an introspective investigation, in staging a novel narrating the leading actor’s life undersigned by his own signature.
I’ve always believed in my plan of an alternative kind of art since when, in 1978, I attended a home furnishing course organized by Studio Erre in Genoa held by an art teacher, who is today worldwide known, whose words encouraged me to always have an eye to the research and gave me the determination that still today distinguishes my behaviour.